SEPTA PCC rebuild project continues

The talented staff at SEPTA’s Woodland Shops is in the process of giving the Girard Avenue cars a new lease on life, as documented in this post.

Bill Monaghan and Roger DuPuis visited the shops this week to see several of the current projects up close. This selection of photos from their visit should give you a sense of how much work is going into the cars.

SEPTA PCC III 2332 came out of the paint booth on March 9 at Woodland and can be seen in some of these photos. While there is still work to be done to complete the car (wiring, reinstallation of overhauled trucks, interior finishing), the body work and paint job are stunning.

We included the outdoor shot of 2326 to help convey the condition of some cars on arrival. The ghostly white car, meanwhile is 2328 (that’s its stripped interior you also see), while the green car with no number and disassembled side panels is 2322. Another car, 2337, can be seen up on jacks. Other items of interest seen here are a pair of shiny anti-climbers waiting to be installed and air conditioning roof pods undergoing refurbishment.

We’ve rounded out the album with LRV 9074 glistening in a flawless coat of white paint as it awaited reinstallation of various fittings — testament to the quality of work being done at Woodland.

We hope you will enjoy these photos as a glimpse behind the scenes at a critical part of maintaining trolley service in Philadelphia.

FPT members discuss PCC restoration for Pennsylvania Trolley Museum Zoom series

They don’t call some of us “PCC Guys” for nothing.

While FPT’s members and volunteers are knowledgeable about the history and workings of many trolley car types, it’s no secret that many of us have a special passion for PCC cars, given how important they have been to the history of public transit in Philadelphia.

This week, members Matt Nawn and Harry Donahue shared their experiences managing and participating in PCC car restoration projects at several museums for a special Zoom presentation hosted by our friends at the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum.

Part of PTM’s Trolleyology series, the presentation by Matt and Harry focuses on lessons they learned that can be helpful to any restoration project.

The presentation, which is available on YouTube, covers features of the restoration of a PCC car including the carbody, interior, trucks, control system, and finishing details. Matt and Harry also discuss tips for upkeep and maintenance of these cars once restoration is completed.

We think anyone involved in trolley preservation will find this video, and PTM’s Trolleyology series, informative and helpful.

New bumpers for C-145

We have an update for those of you who have been following FPT’s work on PRT snow sweeper C-145 at the Baltimore Streetcar Museum.

Last week some of our younger members put the new bumpers on the car that had been made last year by carpenter Jerry Sateriale. Andrew, Logan, and friend Mason are seen here putting the final touches on the bumpers.

But wait, friends, there’s more!

With the outside of C-145 almost finished, we are moving to the interior.  We found remains of orange, two shades of green and a grey on the interior.  We decided to go with the medium grey. Harry Donahue is seen inside the car as work progresses.