FPT makes a presentation at Shore Line Trolley Museum and provides a $500 grant

FPT Directors Matt Nawn and Harry Donahue were the guest speakers at the Annual Meeting of Branford Electric Railway Association (Shore Line Trolley Museum) on Saturday, November 23, 2019.  Matt and Harry gave an overview about how FPT got started, some of the projects supported to date, and the organization’s mission to support the preservation of electric transit vehicles from the Philadelphia area in established museums.  Logan Tracy and Andrew Nawn accompanied Matt and Harry and helped take photos and videos.

At the end of the presentation, Matt and Harry presented Bill Wall, Shore Line President Emeritus, with a $500 grant to support the museum’s efforts to preserve and improve its collection of former Red Arrow Lines cars.

In the first photo, Matt is delivering the FPT Presentation.  In the second photo, Bill Wall is seen with Harry and Matt after presentation of the grant check.  Photos by Andrew Nawn and Logan Tracy.

FPT donation benefits 6000-series cars at Craggy Mountain Line

You may have read how FPT helped secure a new home in North Carolina for two ex-SEPTA/CTA rapid transit cars.

We are pleased to announce that FPT also has made a donation of $500 to the Craggy Mountain Line Railroad for use in restoring and operating these vehicles, which are an example of PCC technology.

FPT would like to wish the folks at Craggy Mountain all the best with their efforts!