FPT donation benefits 6000-series cars at Craggy Mountain Line

You may have read how FPT helped secure a new home in North Carolina for two ex-SEPTA/CTA rapid transit cars.

We are pleased to announce that FPT also has made a donation of $500 to the Craggy Mountain Line Railroad for use in restoring and operating these vehicles, which are an example of PCC technology.

FPT would like to wish the folks at Craggy Mountain all the best with their efforts!



FPT’s $20 Day a success, benefits Philly cars at BSM

On Sat, Nov. 2nd, Friends of Philadelphia Trolleys (FPT) held their annual $20 Day at BSM.   
This event raises funds to support PCC 2168 and Snowsweeper C-145, both Philly cars. For a donation of $20 (or more), folks get unlimited streetcar rides, the opportunity to  photograph cars anywhere along the line,  and can actually  operate the various cars.   
Cars 417, 554, 2168, 4533 and 7407  were in service from 10.0AM until 3.30PM.  We had a total of 63 visitors  visitors and raised a total of $1405.00, which will be used for the upcoming body repair work on Philadelphia PCC car 2168, which had a complete restoration back in 2009.   However, the salt from more than 50 winters in Philadelphia has caused some corrosion on several spots, so these need to be repaired to keep the popular car looking good
At noon, as seen here, FPT Directors Bill Monaghan, Matt Nawn and Harry Donahue presented BSM’s Vice President, Ed Amrhein, with two checks: one for $9000.00 for car 2168 and another for $1500.00 for Snowsweeper C-145. This makes a total of $6650.00 that FPT has given towards C-145 since the project began early last Spring.
If you would like to contribute to the sweeper , please make sure you mark clearly on your check   C-145 .

FPT helps secure new home for SEPTA ex-CTA rapid transit cars

Former Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) cars, #482 and #483, which were acquired by SEPTA in the mid-1980s, were moved to King Manor (DeKalb St. Station) on the Norristown High Speed Line (Rt. 100) on early Saturday morning, October 19, 2019. The cars were picked up on Sunday morning, October 20 for delivery to the Craggy Mountain Line (craggymountainline.com), located near Asheville, North Carolina. We are happy to report that they arrived safely the following night, as seen in the attached photo.

Friends of Philadelphia Trolleys (FPT) had been working to find a home for these vehicles for the past several years, since the vehicles were planned to be scrapped if no realistic plans for preservation could be made. Bill Wall from the Shore Line Trolley Museum (Branford) was able to put FPT in contact with the Craggy Mountain Line, and FPT started the paperwork to request information about the status of the cars from SEPTA. Craggy Mountain Line plans to start the restoration work on the cars upon arrival and will keep the cars in their red, white and blue SEPTA colors.

Craggy Mountain Line and Friends of Philadelphia Trolleys would like to thank SEPTA for donating the cars and for their tremendous assistance in planning and moving the cars for highway shipment to North Carolina.

If you would like to make a donation to help with the restoration of the CTA cars, please send it to:
Box 33397
Philadelphia, PA 19142.

Please mark “CTA CARS” on your check.

You can see more photos from the move on the Friends of Philadelphia Trolleys Facebook page: