Heritage Rail Alliance spotlights FPT

FPT’s work preserving Philadelphia trolleys — and particularly our efforts with PCC 2168 in Baltimore — are the subject of a new article published by HeritageRail Alliance.

“There are a handful of foundations and other organizations that provide financial and other assistance to railway preservationists,” it states. “One of the more specialized is the Friends of Philadelphia Trolleys, which has donated over $200,000 toward the restoration of hometown streetcars.”

This piece, by Matt Nawn and Harry Donahue, gives FPT an excellent opportunity to explain our mission and accomplishments to date, and puts that story before the eyes of fellow preservationists who may benefit from that experience — and perhaps have expertise to share with us.

Be sure to check it out here: https://heritagerail.org/2020/10/friends-of-philadelphia-trolleys-and-pcc-2168/