FPT members discuss PCC restoration for Pennsylvania Trolley Museum Zoom series

They don’t call some of us “PCC Guys” for nothing.

While FPT’s members and volunteers are knowledgeable about the history and workings of many trolley car types, it’s no secret that many of us have a special passion for PCC cars, given how important they have been to the history of public transit in Philadelphia.

This week, members Matt Nawn and Harry Donahue shared their experiences managing and participating in PCC car restoration projects at several museums for a special Zoom presentation hosted by our friends at the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum.

Part of PTM’s Trolleyology series, the presentation by Matt and Harry focuses on lessons they learned that can be helpful to any restoration project.

The presentation, which is available on YouTube, covers features of the restoration of a PCC car including the carbody, interior, trucks, control system, and finishing details. Matt and Harry also discuss tips for upkeep and maintenance of these cars once restoration is completed.

We think anyone involved in trolley preservation will find this video, and PTM’s Trolleyology series, informative and helpful.