8042 is coming along nicely at PTM

FPT members Harry Donahue, Matt Nawn and Bill Monaghan are seen with 8042 recently at PTM.

Work on Philadelphia Transportation Co. car 8042 is coming along nicely at the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum.

FPT members including Harry Donahue, Matt Nawn and Bill Monaghan were able to check on its progress earlier this month while visiting the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum in Washington County, Pa. They are seen in the adjacent photo with the car, showing the extent of work on its platform thus far.

As you will recall, the 1923 Brill car is being restored with support from Friends of Philadelphia Trolleys and generous donors such as you. The car has been on display at PTM since 2005.

If you or anyone you know may be interested in helping the cause, please click this link to download and print our donation form.

Red Arrow fans rejoice: FPT aids Car #24 project at PTM

Red Arrow “St. Louis” cars 14 and 24 are seen in MU operation at the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum. (Bill Monaghan photo.)

In a sight that is sure to warm the hearts of Red Arrow fans, two of the system’s former St. Louis streamliners ran in multiple-unit operation last weekend at the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum, and FPT is helping bring one of those cars back into shape after a period of storage.

The Friends of Philadelphia Trolleys provided a $500 grant to the museum for the preservation of Red Arrow Lines/SEPTA Car #24 on Saturday, June 2.  This grant recognizes the efforts of a group of volunteers at PTM who have recently taken on this project and returned the car to operating condition and provide a funding base for further efforts in the future.

And, as noted, FPT members and other guests were treated to seeing 24, which wears SEPTA’s “Gulf Oil” paint scheme, operating in MU with sister car 14, which the museum has beautifully restored to its original livery.

FPT’s Directors are interested in continuing to support the Car 24 project. Just think of the impact if everyone on this page would send FPT $5 (or more) towards this car.  We could raise $7,000 with just this simple step.  Grants provided to museums for projects like this enable  opportunities for matching grants from other organizations, which can lead to doubling of the money contributed by FPT.